At Wilde Matilde we are passionate about the ingredients that go into our cakes. Our cakes are baked fresh and daily in little batches, just the way you would do at home using well chosen and quality products.
Our marmalades are homemade and well balanced in flavours. Our buttercreams, ganaches, creams and syrups are made fresh on the premises. Choose your ultimate cake design or simply contact us for more details.

Our recommendation:
Cake base: (max. Two bases)
-Vanilla base / vanilla base vegan
-Chocolate base
-Brownie base / Brownie base vegan
-Carrot cake
(Base can be infused with: lemon, poppy seeds, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, coffee, rose water, gingerbread spices ..)

Cake filling: (max. Two fillings)
-Vanilla buttercream
-Chocolate buttercream
-White chocolate buttercream
-Milk chocolate buttercream
-Caramel buttercream
-Nougat buttercream
-Peanut butter buttercream
-Cream cheese frosting
-Raspberry buttercream
-Mango and passion fruit buttercream
-Strawberry buttercream (vegan)
-Raspberry Cream (Vegan)
-Vanilla buttercream (vegan)
-Fruit pieces: strawberry, mango, banana, blueberries, raspberries, 

Garnish / ornament:
-Dark dripping effect (dark ganache)
-Light dripping effect (ganache with white chocolate)