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Love engaged married! —Many dream of a pompous wedding with a large, delicious wedding cake.

For many, it is the most important day and moment in life. Friends and family are invited, and great festivities are organized around the happy couple who swear that day that they will spend the rest of their lives together. For such an occasion, of course, it cannot be just any cake. The wedding cake is the decorative element that matters.

The moment of cutting together, the radiant faces of the guests, and the memories that will remain with us forever;

Design the cake according to your wishes. We make sure that your expectations are met. Together with the in-house patisserie, create the perfect cake for your dream wedding. But a beautiful cake is not only important for the wedding itself.

Who could forget such important things as the wedding day together in the name of love, even if it may have been a few years ago? - maybe just then. So we also have cake motifs and ideas for you that are suitable for gold, silver and brass weddings. Let your cake be decorated with love messages or small funny sayings.

Give your loved ones a cake that is a feast not only for the palate but also for the eye. Because love is known to go through the stomach! Discover small treats for a candy buffet such as macarones in gold or silver to match the anniversary. Silver wedding, golden wedding or brass wedding. Let yourself be inspired by treats of all kinds. Cake pops, delicious cupcakes, chocolates, chocolate truffles, tart in a glass or meringue posicles in the form of flamingos and unicorns for your princess cake. If you are a fan of tradition, we have classics like Black Forest cherry, Sachertorte or Frankfurter Kranz on offer.

Contact our patisserie to create the cake according to your wishes.